Indigo Leaves Powder

Unveil the allure of natural black tones with our premium-grade Indigo Leaves Powder. Crafted from pure indigo leaves, this botanical gem offers a chemical-free alternative for achieving deep, lustrous black hair color. At Nilax International, we’re dedicated to providing beauty solutions that prioritize purity, efficacy, and sustainability.

Our Indigo Leaves Powder undergoes a meticulous process of harvesting, drying, and milling to preserve its natural properties and potency. Rich in indigo dye, it seamlessly blends with henna or other natural hair dyes to deliver intense black hues while nourishing the hair from root to tip. Whether you’re covering grays or simply seeking a bold new look, our Indigo Leaves Powder promises vibrant results that stand the test of time.

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Key Features

Natural Black Color

Our Indigo Leaves Powder imparts deep, long-lasting black tones that enhance your hair's natural beauty without compromising on health or shine.

Botanical Enrichment

Infused with botanical extracts, our formulation provides nourishment and conditioning benefits, leaving your hair soft, smooth, and more manageable.

Chemical-Free Formulation

Free from harsh chemicals such as ammonia and PPD, our powder offers a safe and gentle coloring solution for sensitive scalps and delicate hair strands.

Versatile Application

Whether used alone or in combination with henna or other natural dyes, our Indigo Leaves Powder offers versatile options for achieving your desired hair color.

Quality Assurance

Every batch of Indigo Leaves Powder is subjected to stringent quality control measures to ensure consistency, purity, and efficacy.

Discover the beauty of natural black tones with Nilax International’s Indigo Leaves Powder. Elevate your hair coloring experience with a product that’s as gentle as it is gorgeous.